Super Lotto

Super Lotto - Briton Ferry Llansawel AFC

At Briton Ferry Llansawel AFC we run a weekly Super Lotto draw that raises money for annual running costs such as training facilities, equipment and match day fees.
For only £1 an envelope you pick 3 numbers between 1-24 and post in the lotto box in Bar Red.
The draw is made digitally at half time during the bingo on a Wednesday evening weekly in front of a full club of people from the public.
The envelopes are then checked by three members and numbers posted on our Bar Red face book page each week.
Anyone can post an envelope including players, supporters, away fans or members of the public.
Without your support we would not be able to provide the great foundations our club has.
The current jackpot stands at £1000!!! So get involved and good luck!

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